Lost For a While

Some time back, my Harkies (i.e. Luis and Nina) started school. After being at home for almost 6 weeks, they are leaving the fort again. I always get separation anxiety whenever they leave for school. I’m just so used to them being all around that you don’t want to change that anymore. Our house is full and the dynamics is at it’s peak.
I was so lost that we ended up at Little by Little Cafe to find my orientation back.
When we reached home, the activities mellowed down. The typical noise wasn’t there. Suddenly, life became easier. Just two kids out and our house became lethargic. I was able to accomplish more in terms of homeschooling, housework and prayer though.
I can tell that Luis and Nina were missed by their siblings.
When the two Harkies reached home, the house turned alive again. They said they always miss me when they’re in school.
I miss them more.
Baked brownies to pick us all up.

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