Emerald: a Great Family-Friendly Place

We’ve been at Emerald once or twice. Remember Forget About Monday?

I thought it was gorgeous.

Until Tash told us about Emerald Lake Park.

Now I think we should move there.

If only there’s a church like what we have now where there’s  daily Mass and is open all the time, I wouldn’t think twice.

Emerald Lake Park is a gem for families. You can take the paddle boats at Lake Treganowan or swim at the free, nearby wading pool.

Anton preferred to play at the playground.

The Captain went for a walk around the Nobelius Loop Track.

Everything is delightful to my eyes.

This time around, I found a great cafe. The General Food Store. It was too good, I asked the Captain to go back there the next day for our Valentine’s date.


And the best part was discovering Resale Therapy. This shop sells refurbished second-hand furnitures at reasonable prices. I wanted to buy most of the pieces. The only thing hindering me is that I don’t have that much money!


But I brought this baby home. The Captains buys me furnitures instead of roses.


I love it.

I love Emerald.

I love the Captain.



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