The Best Part

I finally get it.
After all these years of being a stay home mum, concurrent with the multiplication of my babyccinos, I realized that the best part of being at home is you have always something to look forward too.
With more babyccinos come more things to manage but that is tantamount to greater excitement in life. I said manage (not do) because there will come a point when most household jobs can be done by the kids. Which is awesome. The exciting bit comes from the many projects that pop up which I wouldn’t have bothered considering if I continued working as a banker.
Now, I love cooking. Don’t even get me started on baking. When we moved to Melbourne, I can’t even fry an egg. Now I’m discovering the melt-in–your-mouth dishes cooked through a slow cooker. It is opening another galaxy for me. So this week has been filled with slow cooked meals.
There are the chalk paint projects which we want to finish. We already have a line up. I’m setting my eye on this dining set I want to refurbish and sell to raise money for Harkaway Hills College.
There’s the veggy patch which the kids started and we’re seeing the first sprouts. It’s giving us all a high. I’m praying that it rains soon because its been too dry lately for the plants.
Homeschooling is becoming blissful. With two kids who can study on their own and can follow a schedule, what more can I ask? They are around too to help me execute household chores. What I love about Sasha and Pio is they seldom complain.
Then there’s Kiko, my toddler, who messes twice faster than my clean up rate. He giggles uncontrollably every time he commits a mischief. Too darn cute.
The baby, Jose, takes away all my tiredness. Completely adorable. He sleeps for hours, feeds well, laughs when someone gives him some attention. He’s almost saying “Thank God someone finally noticed me!” I have never seen him fussy yet.
It will take forever to finish this journal as I haven’t started on the rest of the family.
If all else fail, we can always take a hike and go on a staycation.
Sufficed to say, I have so much things to do and I’m feeling good.
Really good.

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