Really Delicious Osso Buco with Mixed Mushroom Risotto

I’m loving my slow cooker right now.

I used it once before.  But my boys’ favorite, Once Upon a Chef’s Beef Stew, tasted better stove-top cooked than slow cooked even after 10 hours. The meat didn’t turn tender. It seemed a bit incoherent. I thought beef would be yummier and more tender if slow cooked. I was very disappointed.

To the point that I wanted to give away my slow cooker. I felt bad for asking the Captain to buy it.

Until I chanced upon the Australian Women’s Weekly Slow Cooker (The Complete Collection) book from the library. It was too hard to resist giving my slow cooker one more try.

It never disappointed me this time.

Cooking is about taking second chances.

I tried this Osso Buco with Mixed Mushrooms recipe. It looked really tempting in the picture. It doesn’t take a lot for me to be tempted especially when it comes to new dishes.


I had extra mushroom of 3 different kinds bought from the Asian grocery store so I decided to cook Mushroom Risotto. I asked Anton to stir it.

Now Osso Buco + Mixed Mushroom Risotto = Fine Dining experience!!!

Just serve it with a glass of red wine.



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