Oh No!!!

Kiko, who is not even 2 yet, is a hybrid of Pio and Luis when they were his age. Pio was the tasmanian devil turned toddler (everything you can possibly imagine within his reach ended up thrown into the floor or broken). Luis was the dare devil kind (climbed kitchen tops, hid in dungeons, played with electricals).
After all those trainings, I find Kiko rather amusing.
Just yesterday while I was busy changing Jose’s nappy…
Pio: (laughing loudly) Mummy guess what Kiko threw into the toilet this time?
Me: A cup?
Pio: No.
Me: A toothbrush?
Pio: No! His very naughty!
Me: What is it?
Pio: You have to come here and check it yourself.
And this is what I saw.
He plugged the newly opened wipes packet down the drain. While I was taking a picture of the evidence, Kiko flushed it. I had no choice but to pluck the entire thing out with my bare hand.
I saw Kiko laughing his heart out.
I’m not amused anymore.

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