It’s All Good

Whenever I get words of wisdom from parents of big families with grown up kids,  I cannot help but take it to heart. Our lives are not and will never be easy but it doesn’t mean it will not be joyful. As a matter of fact, we have been enriched with an abundance of blessings. Now I get it when they say that every child is a gift. They bring their own life, character, and meaning into the family. Then God orchestrates things behind our understanding so that we can raise and provide every child not only with their material needs but more specially to fulfill each child’s longing for unconditional love and acceptance.

It’s not always easy. Failure abounds. But with grace, love prevails.

My 80-something friend from the parish with 13 grown-up kids told me “It’s all good!”

He’s right. Everything always turns out for the good.

@ Emerald Lake Park

2017-04-04 12.07.09


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