Cheeky Kiko Turned 2

Kiko reminds me to always thank God for making it through another day.

I almost forgot how to have a (boy) toddler until Kiko came around.

I forgot how much mess they can make.

I forgot how much tantrum they can throw.

I forgot how much diaper I need to change (his appetite is insatiable).

I forgot how much sticky they are.

I forgot how frustrating it is for him to not find the words yet.

I forgot that it takes so much energy to raise a toddler.

I barely have any left.

But his enjoyable laughter, his cute face, his blissful existence is like communion to my soul.

Thank God I have little helpers around.

I’m grateful.

Everyday with him proves that I can’t rely on my own strength anymore.

It can only be from God.

Happy birthday Kiko. I can’t wait until you’re 3!