Saturday. Coffee. Date.

I think everyone looks forward to Saturdays. It’s a complete break from the rest of my week. The Captain is around and in charge of the kids. No classes. No cooking.
Just a cool change.
You’d almost wish every Saturday has 48 hours. If only…

Bread and Jam for Me

I’m in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Funny how this pregnancy just passed so quickly. Before I knew it, I’m about to give birth.
I have no idea why I wanted to accomplish so many things before delivery. I want to finish homeschooling for the year, I want to paint our bedroom set white, I want to organize the kids’ clothes, I want to clean the study, I want to declutter the workshop…
I’m going berserk. I needed a break.
I’ve requested the Captain to go on a date with me.
Where?  Hawthorn. We haven’t been there for a while. So off we went.
We had lunch at Vietstar which I think is the best value for money Vietnamese restaurant this side of town.  Then we had dessert at Bread and Jam for Frances, one of my personal favorites.
Brings back great memories.
I finally relaxed.
With my ever elusive date…
We stopped by the Immaculate Conception Church to complete our pilgrimage.
October will not be complete without a special tribute to Our Lady.

My Guy

The Captain hardly asks for anything for himself. We’re opposites, you see.
For his birthday, all he wanted were: (1) a date and (2) homemade Chinese dishes.
These are too easy to give.
So we had lunch at DOC Expresso along Lyons St. It was our first time there.


I didn’t really find the food exceptional but what I liked was being with the Captain minus the kids in the City. We walked around Melbourne Uni and had a good time talking about our babyccinos.
It’s nice to have that time with him away from our typical, busy lives.
I love how he’s aging gorgeously.
I cooked him authentic Chinese dishes on his actual birthday. I used recipes from Every Grain of Rice (by Fuchsia Dunlop) cookbook. I think it’s a knockout.

10 Amazing Years: YU and Me

Ten years happened just like that.

@ St Mary’s Star of the Sea

Seven beautiful babies.

Six house moves.

Five winters.

Four years with my father as yayo.

Three years of homeschooling.

An unforgettable trip to Europe.

A life-changing migration to Australia.

A painful Autism diagnosis.

A providential retrenchment.

And it all started with a date.

@ Sojo

And another…

@ Beatrix

and these dates will never end.


Honey, its dreadfully winter.

You know pregnancy plus this cold weather drive me UTTERLY nuts.

I know you’ll love me just the same.

You just get better every time.

Just Gets Better

It’s not our anniversary.

Although we are just a month away from our 10th!


It’s not his birthday.

It’s not even a date.

(The wobbly shot was taken by our giggling 5-year-old Nina.)

I just want to thank God for giving me such an amazing better half and for never failing to give us the grace to get through tough corners.

This profound commitment we call marriage, its hard work but it has set me on  higher ground.

I don’t think there is anything more gratifying.

It just keeps on getting better.

Read more of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation: The JOY of LOVE.

Craving Japanese: WAYA

The Captain was in and out of the country during Lent. That meant I really lived the hardship of the period well.

I don’t like his business trips but it’s sll part of what he signed up for.

His first stop was Japan. I was salivating while he told me the food he ate there. He said it was quite affordable. I haven’t eaten any Japanese food which I found that affordable.


For our next date, I pulled him to WAYA at Kingsway Glen Waverley. I just have to eat Japanese. I chose Beef Bento. I was very happy with it.

2016-03-19 11.21.07

I think this is my new favorite.

2016-03-19 11.22.49

Time to move on from our usual Grand Tofu (which is a few steps away from Waya). By the way, this shop serves the best Curry Yong Tau F00 this side of town.

2016-03-19 11.19.36

Food Truck Carnival

My father told me to enjoy my life. I thought I’ve always been having a good time. I may not be able to travel overseas or to other states of Australia but every weekend is an adventure on its own.

The Captain and I sneaked out of the house during quiet time last Saturday to check out the Food Truck Carnival at Akoonah Park.

Nice weather. Exciting dishes. Lots of people.

I felt like a typical adult again.

Most of the stalls had long lines of people dying to get a bite. We surveyed all around. There were Brazilian, Korean, Mexican, even Filipino food being offered.

We ended up eating Indian food. The line wasn’t too long and I know its hard to make these kinds of dishes.

Good food. Live music. No children to chase.

Just me and my hot date.

2016-04-02 16.08.03

This is what I call total enjoyment.

Be Grateful

The Captain came home after a series of overseas trips for good. Thanks be to God.

He was happy and calm. He was very affectionate with the children and his patience seemed to have been stretched by a mile. This disposition is even better than what I saw in him after his annual retreats.

He said the long travel time made him think. More.

He came back with forgiveness in his heart for past hurts.

I am happy all those separation sacrifices yielded fruits.

I asked him what is his secret to such a renewal.

Terse as he is, he only had two words.

“Be grateful.”

2016-03-12 18.04.57

Happy Easter!

How Did You Start the New Year?

I started mine with a date.
You can never go wrong with that.

We long for that silence and solitude once in a while.

Actually strike that out.

We long for it most of the time.

The perfect way for me to unwind is to go to a cafe. Sip that coffee and enjoy quiet talks with my one and only.

2016-01-02 10.39.29

If only we can do this every day. That will be almost heavenly.

2016-01-02 10.39.00

Providore is one of my favourites.

That darling, unassuming shop tucked in at Eden Rise. It’s easy to miss it.

2016-01-02 10.38.55

The owner is a young, vibrant, chic lady. I kept on telling the Captain that I always dream of having my own cafe someday.


Romancing the Ordinary

I don’t know how I can thank my father enough for everything he’s been doing for us.

Like last Saturday morning. I asked if I can leave 6 kids (all under 8!!!) with him so the Captain and I can go on a date.

He said YES without batting any eye.

So we went. Mass first then brunch @ Little by Little Cafe.


I don’t know why we have to leave the house because we always end up talking and laughing about the babyccinos anyway.

At least there wasn’t anyone screaming or fighting to get some attention. No mess to bother me too. A break from the usual.

Maybe that’s why we were there. We needed to be just by ourselves so we can appreciate our lives in a more relaxed space. So we can find humor in our everyday chaotic life.

Sometimes, you need to get out of the race to renew the joy in running.

It helped us appreciate each other more. That we are and will always be in all these together. Besides, dating always reminds me of our engagement period, the sweetest time of our lives.

Did I mention the food and coffee were great too?

My Captain was gorgeous, always has been.

Can’t help it.