Cheeky Kiko Turned 2

Kiko reminds me to always thank God for making it through another day.

I almost forgot how to have a (boy) toddler until Kiko came around.

I forgot how much mess they can make.

I forgot how much tantrum they can throw.

I forgot how much diaper I need to change (his appetite is insatiable).

I forgot how much sticky they are.

I forgot how frustrating it is for him to not find the words yet.

I forgot that it takes so much energy to raise a toddler.

I barely have any left.

But his enjoyable laughter, his cute face, his blissful existence is like communion to my soul.

Thank God I have little helpers around.

I’m grateful.

Everyday with him proves that I can’t rely on my own strength anymore.

It can only be from God.

Happy birthday Kiko. I can’t wait until you’re 3!


Oh No!!!

Kiko, who is not even 2 yet, is a hybrid of Pio and Luis when they were his age. Pio was the tasmanian devil turned toddler (everything you can possibly imagine within his reach ended up thrown into the floor or broken). Luis was the dare devil kind (climbed kitchen tops, hid in dungeons, played with electricals).
After all those trainings, I find Kiko rather amusing.
Just yesterday while I was busy changing Jose’s nappy…
Pio: (laughing loudly) Mummy guess what Kiko threw into the toilet this time?
Me: A cup?
Pio: No.
Me: A toothbrush?
Pio: No! His very naughty!
Me: What is it?
Pio: You have to come here and check it yourself.
And this is what I saw.
He plugged the newly opened wipes packet down the drain. While I was taking a picture of the evidence, Kiko flushed it. I had no choice but to pluck the entire thing out with my bare hand.
I saw Kiko laughing his heart out.
I’m not amused anymore.

It’s a Beautiful Day

When we moved here about five years ago, I went through a major adjustment. Big time. From a life where I can just leave my kids behind with their yayas to have a good time with my girlfriends and have dates with the Captain to one which was almost totally isolating.

I used to soak myself in tears because I found it hard to accept the changes.

One time, I was crying so much that Sasha (just 5 years old then) hugged me tightly. I told her that I don’t have friends here. I missed my friends.

She was sobbing when she said “Mommy, we are your friends now.”

I should have seen the wisdom in her words.

Yesterday, I brought them to the pool. I didn’t want to swim until they started jumping in deep water. I had no choice but to join in.

I found myself having a swimming lesson with them.

They were happy. I was happy.

I can touch excitement in their voices.

I promised them we’ll go back more regularly.

We ended the afternoon with babyccinos at my favorite local cafe.

I can’t believe they’ve grown so much that it is getting more enjoyable to go out with them every time.

They get me and I get them.



Hello Terrible (Not Even) Two

He has yet to turn 2 but he has every sign and indication of a terrible toddler.
Mess all around the house. Insists on his own way. Broken plates at the kitchen floor. Flashlight, toothbrush (or what he lays his hands on) thrown in the toilet. Loud squeals when he’s hungry and angry. Climbs every table and chair. Runs wild around the church. The only rest I get is when he’s asleep.
But deep inside me I’m glad. That he’s normal, he’s playful and happy. His laughter melts my heart.
I think the child’s learning grows leaps and bounds during this stage. They turn into reliability testers for appliances or furnitures or anything for that matter. They want to put everything into their mouth. They assess and learn their boundaries. They explore relentlessly. They find their personalities and place within our large family.
It is an inevitable process.
These days I don’t lose my temper like I used to when faced with a toddler. Too many boys trained me. I have the older kids to help me distract my cheeky munchkin.
I know this is just a phase. We will all come out of it better, happier and wiser.
Also, I noticed the cheekier they are, the smarter they turn out to be. One of my naughtiest toddlers turned out to be such a nice boy.
There’s hope.

Messy & Happy

Kiko refused to relinquish the spoon I got to feed him. He has such a firm grip.
He wanted to eat on his own.
Fair enough.
I’ve never seen him eat with so much gusto.
Of course most of the fried rice fell out of his bowl.
Never mind.
He’s on his way to independence.
Baby steps. One spoon at a time.

My Only Child

Kiko has been my only child these past few days.
Well technically.
The first 5 babyccinos are in camp with the Captain while the baby just sleeps most of the time.
Kiko is entering the terrible 2 stage even before he turns 2. He reminds me of Pio at this age. He messes up twice faster than my clean up rate. He knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it by well… screaming. How else will I give in? I don’t want him to wake up Jose.
But he has such a contagious laughter. Too ticklish. His appetite is remarkable too. Feeding wise, he is topnotch.
I brought him to church yesterday. Thank God we were at the last pew. A mother chasing her wandering, restless toddler throughout the Mass. What a scene!
We walked around the church before going home, hand in hand.
He was happy. So am I.
They’re one of a kind.

7 Babyccinos Under 9

So we have 7 kids. My eldest brother thought we only had 6. I couldn’t blame him.

So here they are just in case we miss a few…

Sasha (9), Pio (8), Luis (7) and Nina (6) (My first four, raised as a bundle meaning they do most of the jobs)


Anton (4) and Kiko (1.5) (I’m getting a bit more relaxed with these 2 meaning they are spoiled)


and my newborn, Jose, my Little Prince.



What Makes You Laugh?

We had that question in our Catechism class?

What makes you laugh?


It’s my little, silly, cheeky munchkin, KIKO.



He eats like a monster and sleeps so well.

He’s beginning to walk now. Baby steps.

We all find that too exciting.


Words will have to wait for a while.

He’s total cuteness.


An Apple a Day…

Never really gave a whole apple before to a one year old.
I either sliced or at least peeled it.
I guess when it’s your sixth child, you get to be lazier or busier.
Whatever excuse sounds better.
He seemed to enjoy it though.
Kiko has been flu free for 2 weeks now. He is back to his amazing appetite.
I cannot thank God enough for his good health.